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Help me on this deal, so I dont make a mistake

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I totaled my 97GSR and now I have some of the insurance money back and need to get something.

I want to go with something cheap, or not too expensive cause I need money for mods and cant afford insurance for a nicer car.

I have been considering buying a 92-95 Civic probably hatch, prefer a coupe but ligher is better.

What would be a good setup with Turbo do get myself in the low 12's. like what motor setup. Ive been looking at the B20, does anyone know what they cost to build.

What do you think of this deal..

97 Civic DX Hatch
B16A2 W/CTR Cams 40,000 on the motor
GSR Tranny I think, it is hydro with Type R Clutch
17' Rims
Field Vtec Controller
Short Shifter
lowered with coilovers stock shocks, really stiff ride. couple rattles in the car, im pretty sure the back shocks are blown or just bad.
2 Type R leather seats up front
No A/C No P/S
New Indiglo SI gauge cluster
Boost/Air/Fuel gauge custom into gauge cluster
shift light.

He is probably runing only in the 15's high. I use to beat him with my GSR when I had it.

Is setup/car going to be easy to put into the 12's

Is this price any good 7,000
I really want to do the B20 but this deal seems pretty good I just
want to make sure I can make good power from this and be reliable.

Sorry for the long post,
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try and negotiate it down... as you know, the car has been raced... if he says it hasnt, then he's just lying... try and get 6000 for it... maybe he'd go for that... good luck
SilvicSir2 said:

Ive been looking at the B20, does anyone know what they cost to build.

Ask a guy named scapist13 down in the del Sol forum, he has a b20 del sol.
He will only sell it for 7000, last person that looked at it was turned down at a offer of 6800.

It has been reaced, and N20 Was installed on it for some runs then taken off
High 15's?!?! Is he double clutching like he should be? Without those 17's and a competent driver you could be in high 14's for sure.
Danggg wtf are u talking abut are we talking abut religi or turbos paps let the kids discust these i hate parents geting in these forums.
if you want to get into the 12's were talking about a lot of money... you dont realize that b/c you assume all you have to do is put a a turbo on a motor... there is a lot more to it then that... unless you have at least 10g's to work with to buy the motor and get the turbo and get a fuel management system and some other minor parts in addition to a dyno you can keep dreaming about those low 12's... im not trying to bust your balls but there is a lot to know about racing and time facter as you get faster and faster times....Good luck with your setup..
Personally i would go with gsr or ls/v swap with a rev hard kit and hondata system + other mods... and dyno of course.... good luck..
unless you get a talon tsi awd for under 1k, and put about 3k into it, youll be running mid 12's for under 5 thousand bucks... :p, youll have to throw reliability out the door though, but isnt that what youre doing anyways with turbo
IcEbERG said:
Danggg wtf are u talking abut are we talking abut religi or turbos paps let the kids discust these i hate parents geting in these forums.
Who did what now?
getting turbo doesnt mean you have to throw off reliability, with proper tuning and prevent maintenance, it will be reliable as another honda...stupid people with improper tuning and improper installation cause unreliable motor.
That is very true.. i cant stress how imortant tunning is...
where would you go to get your car tuned?and how much would it cost?
Go to a trusted DYNO.. and make sure the Dyno knows what they are doing with Imports.. dont take it to a dyno which does domestic muscle cars... their philosophy of hp is much different then ours, that is why they have 4 extra cylinders then we do... nothing against them but take it to a dyno that has worked on imports and turbo'd imports to be more exact.. a typical dyno costs about 300 for full tunning.. good luck.. where do you live i can direct you to some dyno's all around california..

Not to me though:mad: I had the 7k to give him but he wanted 8kfor it so I just passed it up,

Plus the car has a salvage title on it for Theft, so it wasnt a big deal but the value will sure drop cause of that.

I hope I made the right choice,
:rolleyes: :confused:
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