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FS: I totaled my 95 GSR and bought it back. Everything is legit with papers and pics of the process from removal of the engine to wrecked car. I have since cut the frame away from the engine to and fired it up to make sure it still runs. It sounds sweet!! I have decided to sell the engine and part the car out. My career field calls for me to drive a bigger vehicle now.

>’95 B18C1 complete swap with `98 US ITR Tranny
>21,309 miles
>Skunk2 Stage 2 cams with gears
>Portflow valvetrain and Titanium retainers
>Port and polished head (disassembled/hot tanked/inspected, 3 angle valve job, polished chambers, surfaced deck (-.004"), new valve seals)
>New ARP head studs and new OEM 3 layer head gasket
>Skunk2 IM port matched to the head and TB(runners polished half way up to the plenum)
>Hondata IM gasket
>STR 68mm TB
>DSM 450cc injectors with resistor pack
>Cold Air Intake
>Jet coated JDM ITR 4-1 header w/ 2.5" collector (looks sick for show!)
>2.5" Test pipe
>2.5" Exhaust for DC2 or EG
>Shift linkage
>Both axels and intermediate shafts
>PS pump
>AC pump
>All motor mounts with inserts
>Complete engine wire harness w/ resistor pack plugged into it for the injectors
>Balanced OEM CTR pistons (.25mm overbore) w/OEM rings and CTR wrist pins
>GSR block original sleeves 81.25mm bore honed and cross hatched for CTR pistons
> All 4 cylinders make 285psi of pressure!
>Balanced GSR rods
>Balanced and micro polished GSR crank
>Bottom end was high speed balanced to the clutch and flywheel at 10,000rpm! Runs smooth!
>New OEM GSR water pump
>New OEM GSR timing belt
>New OEM GSR oil pump with new pump gaskets
>All new Honda bearings
>All new seals on the block (every seal that's included in a OEM Honda seal kit)
>Hondata 3b and P28 ecu with program I used to gain my numbers (comes with boost option, rev limter, shift light, 2 Step launch control, and control button to modify VTEC engagement point, launch rpm, and rev limiter)

>Clutch Masters Stage 3 clutch
>Clutch Masters 8lb flywheel

>Also included: Traction bars. They fit on my Teg so naturally they'll fit an EG.
>Also... I'll include a CD-R with a copy of the program used to achieve the numbers for this engine!
>Also... Walbro 255lph fuel pump

This engine was properly assembled per OEM Honda specs. I did an 1800 mile engine break in. VTEC was always set at 8k using the Hondata. I drove easy for 0-500 miles with the revs under 4k. From 501-1000 I kept the rev limiter set at 5k, and from 1001 – 1500 miles I set the rev limiter at 6500rpm. From 1501 – 1800 I set the rev limit at 7700rpm and VTEC was still at 8k. At every mileage increment I would drive conservatively and get close to the rev limit about once every 3 days of driving. I felt that with Honda pistons it was important to have a long slow break in to get excellent ring seal and good longevity.

This engine dyno’d at 200.45whp at 8300 and 133.23lb/ft of torque. Rev limit is set at 9k. I think this engine could have a few more whp pulled out of it, but I didn’t have the money to pay for dyno time to fool with the cam gears.

This engine will kill a ITR and will run high 13s in your fully loaded Teg/Civic or will run mid-low 13s in a hatch. I know it'll hit 12s in a hatch with slicks.

Price: $3500 Just remember that an ITR complete swap will cost you about $4500 and you can't be guaranteed on the mileage. I can!

Contact info: Paul and PM me to contact me or (541) 915-7723.
I'm in the Portland, OR area 97062.

Before the wreck...

Dyno chart...


After the wreck...

After the wreck...


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WES2K said:
what's the damage on right now??? and how much est. does it take to fix it?????
The car is unrepairable now. I've cut the front of the car off through the frame rails in order to pull the motor out. The car is still 85% intact from behind the front bumper to the tail of the car. The left rear quarter panel and floor board in the hatch have been pushed in. Total damage came up to $11k and they stopped counting.

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Okay... now's the time for a Memorial Day special! Make yourself feel special and buy a killer engine!
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