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Help me to find parts...

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I have bought a new Civic Type-R. I would like to know by which manufacturer could I find a header + cat-back exhaust ?

Anyone from England ? As the Civic Type-r isn't sold in the US perhaps someone from England could better help me...

As the RSX Type-S and the Civic Type-R have the same motor (except perhaps some changes on cams and ecu), do you think a header for the RSX will feet the Civic ? Who manufactures headers for the RSX Type-S ?

If you can help me and give me links...

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Oh man that's tight! How does it drive? Oh about your question, you might want to hit up either the Type R forum or the RSX forum. They might have some info for you. As far as I know I don't think there are headers out for that engine yet. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Man u r so lucky the Type R i guess is just to good for us shores try the Type R forum like Tenchi said. good luck
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