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HELP!! my gen 3 needs more HP!

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i need help from n e 1 with any info at all on parts i can put into my gen 3, other than my exhaust its all stock. ANYTHING PLEASE! its and 89 2.0si, but i assume n e one reading this knows which model i am talkin about
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well... thermal makes a catback exhaust

dc makes a header... that made a huge difference on my car

you can buy an intake or make one... i hear that the 92-95 civic piece works well... i used a 98 civic intake and modded it...

you can upgrade plugs and wires...

cam gears for a b16 fit it... has a turbo kit for it...

what else do you want?

just to get an idea... i have a ported and polished head/intake manifold, custom intake, dc header, full exhaust, soon to be replaced with a titanium set up and a test pipe... cam gears, new wires and plugs and a new tranny

i'll be at the track this weekend to get times... i should be mid to low 15s... which is good, considering that it ran 16.6 with bad rings on a stock motor with an exhaust... we'll see...
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thanx for the info, that should help get my car movin a bit quicker, soundz like u did a decent job researchin for your car
there used to be alot of sites that i knew of, most of which are down now... ************ . com had some great resources, but it got shut down. tom at ludespeed is a veritable fount of knowledge, though... he can get you set up
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