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shit, i already had an idea the piston ring on my 4th piston was bad. was i was checking out my engine, i pick up the spark plug wires. the 4th one was drenched in oil. i dont even see how it could have worked in a condition like that.

my question is: is there oil in there (area between spark plug wire and top of spark plug) because my piston ring is busted, or could it be something else.

it is causing my car to really smoke badly.

thanks in advance.
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actually, i already did that, my father was helping me out also. we took out the plug and and the wire for the 4th cylinder and cleaned them off good. it seems like oil is slowing getting in there again.. darnit!

any suggestions of what the problem could be, piston rings i presume
my mechanic said it aint worth to change the piston ring, he said its too much much work and i might as well swap another engine in, i got a b16 in a 92 civic hb by the way.

there is no oil in the radiator tank. whew! thanks guys
sorry to not mention that, but the electrode, i recall, was also drenched in oil, i remember this because my dad had to wipe it clean and i was asking if the plug would even work in such conditions.

whats the difference if there is oil on the bottom?
and about the "o" ring for the top of the plug, is that easy to change and how would would it cost?

my car smokes alot too, so darnit!
sounds like a good idea, how much is a valve cover gasket? and from the earlier post it seems pretty easy and only takes 15 minutes,

the biggest question i have is, can a broken valve cover gasket and broke "o" rings on the plugs cause the car to smoke, because if it cant, then it certainly wont help with the smoking of the car.

my aim is : sinnerxftk

if anyone would just like to explin it to me that way, thansk guys
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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