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shit, i already had an idea the piston ring on my 4th piston was bad. was i was checking out my engine, i pick up the spark plug wires. the 4th one was drenched in oil. i dont even see how it could have worked in a condition like that.

my question is: is there oil in there (area between spark plug wire and top of spark plug) because my piston ring is busted, or could it be something else.

it is causing my car to really smoke badly.

thanks in advance.
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If it's between the plug and the wire it would suggest that the plug had come loose allowing oil to pass the threads that locate it into the head.

Just torque it down again and it should be fine........
More than likely, check there's no oil in your rad header tank if there is your head gasket has gone too:(
Glad we could be of service to you :)
Looks to me like you've got your self busted piston rings especially as the car is smoking:( Best bet is to rebuild the block and change the rings b4 it all goes BOOOM!!
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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