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I'm mounted the JDM fogs on the car, but can figure out the wiring? Anybody knows what I have to do to get the lights working? Do I have to get a USDM switch or I can just use the JDM one?

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Not written by me buy very helpful:

Install those JDM FOGLIGHTS

Make sure you read the instructions throughly before proceeding. Its a fairly simple job. It only took me about 15 minutes to install these.

ok, here is how to install the JDM foglights:

Tools Needed:
-Set of metric/standard sockets
-Flat Head screwdriver(long, and thing recommended)
-Philips Head screwdriver(long)
-Miltimeter(not needed, but can be used to check for secure connections)

Before you being, make sure you have 4 screws, with locking washers & nuts.

1. Start by disconnecting the negative terminal from the battery. This is just for saftey purposes. And make sure it doesn't touch anything.

2. Remove your turn signals. Here is where you need the philips head, and unscrew the screws, which are located towards the inside of the bumper. (look in your car-manual is you cant find the screws, it has a diagram in there)

3. Pop out the black plastic piece. The JDM fogs are going to sit in this place.

4. Take out the exterior wire harness and run it down the inside of the bumper. Make sure the orange connector is on the drivers side.

5. Connect the orange connector from the harness, to the orange connector that is sitting behind the signal light(make sure this
connection is securily connected!!). There will be one orange wire hidden, and its wrapped with black tape. Find this wire. Its going to be somewhere in the back. Just look where the turn signals where, and you will find it.

6. After you connect the orange connectors, take out the gold ground bolt. Look towards the center of the car. Go all the way down, where the empty opening is in the bumper(behind the license plate). You will see the radiator, and in front of that there will be two holes on the frame(above the two holes, there will be one bolt already used by . Put the ground bolt through the ground connector on the harness(black wire), and then bolt down the bolt to the bottom hole. (Here is where the multimeter would come in handy. You can check if you have good ground connection)

7. Now get out your JDM foglights. Connect the harness to the JDM lights. The connector goes on both ways, so make sure its correct. The orange wire of the harness should point towards the center of the car. So if you looking at the drivers side foglight, the orange wire should point towards the left. And for the passenger side foglight, the orange wire should point towards the right.

8. Mount the foglights onto the bumper. It should perfectly fall in place. Now get out the four screws, along with the nuts. Each side uses 2 screws. Slide the screws through the holes, and hand tighten the nut from the back.(this is really difficult, because there isn't much room to work). Take out your rachet and use it to hold the nut from the back. Then you simply turn the screw until its tight. Do this for both sides. You might choose to do this for the LAST step, just in case the foglights do not work. This way you wont have to dissassemble everything again.

9. OK, you are done for the outside. Hang in there, if you got this far you can certainly do the inside. You will need to remove the fuse box cover, from the driver's side. Then you need to remove the other plastic cover surrounding that. The best way to take this cover off is to use a flat head screwdriver and pop off the door step(its the long black plastic piece that runs on the inside of the car) Just position the screwdriver on the tip of the door-step, and just pop it off.

10. After you get the plastic coverings off you will need to pry off the switch holder(the piece that hold the cruise control, sunroof, and dimmer switches in place). Get out your flat head screw driver and slide it in pretty deep, and pop it out. Have patience with this, because it is really hard to get this sucker off. There are two clips that hold it in per side. You may want to cover the screw driver with a towel so it wont scratch anything up.

11. Now decide which switch you want to take out to put the JDM foglight switch in. I personally took out the dimmer switch, because I never use it. Unclip all the harnesses from the back of the switches, keeping in mind which one goes where. Take out the dimmer switch, and put in place the JDM foglight switch.

12. Now take the interior wire harness, and plug it into the switch. There is only one plug that fits. Then take all other wires and feed it down through the hole where the switch cover was.

13. Now look under the dash, where you poped off all the covers. You will see a bunch of fuses and connection ports. Now take the brown plug off the interior wire harness that has the two red wires and connect this in port #2. Take the other brown plug which has the white/brown wire and put it in port #5. You need to slide these plugs in until they snap in place. Make sure that they slide all the way in!!

14. Now find the orange wire that is sticking out of the harness. Now look all the way in the corner where the fuses are. Around where the pedals are, but way in the corner. You will see a grip of wires wrapped in blue tape. Twist that thing around until you find an orange wire sticking out. What you will need to do is, plug the orange wire from the harness, to the orange wire in the car. This will be used to give the positive current to the foglights.

15. The last thing left is the big relay. Look where the hood release is. There should be a bolt just sitting there. You will use this bolt to hook up the relay and the ground(black wire) on the harness. Make sure you hook up the relay plug on the harness to the relay.

16. Double check all your work and make sure everything is secure. (you proably wont do this, cause you're eager as hell to see your fogs turn on.

17. Put the negative terminal back on the battery. Turn on you parking or headlights. Then hit the foglight switch. Afterwhich the green light should come on the switch, and the foglights should turn on.

if it didnt turn on, check the following.
1. Did you remember to put the negative terminal back on the battery?
2. Are you parking lights or head lights on? (they need to be on for the foglights to work)
2. Did you hook up the exterior wire harness correctly to the foglights? (the orange wire should be pointing toward the center of the car)
3. Did you secure the ground bolt on the exterior wire harness? and is it making contact?
4. Did you securily hook up the orange connector from the exterior harness to the orange wire in the bumper?
5. Did you securily hook up the orange connector from the INTERIOR harness, to the orange wire inside the car? (make sure it snaps in place, cause that thing could slide back out)
6. Did you plug the relay into the interior wire harness?
7. Did you hook up the relay and the ground(of the interior harness) to the bolt near the hood release? is it secure?
8. Did you hook up the brown plugs right?
9. Did you plug in the JDM switch to the interior harness?
10. Check if the fuse on the interior harness is still good.

Your foglights should be working now. Put everything back together, and start driving around. You should get a lot of looks.

ALSO>>>Remember to sand the shiet off of the paint for the ground, as that is going to be the one area that will cause frustration- just like it did for Scriber. Sand the paint off really good. Good luck!

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I finally installed the JDM fogs but still confused where to plug the two plugs to which slot? Any think they can help.
My current set up is I used the JDM wirirng and used the USD switch with plates as stated above but the light will not light up?
Any body knows where does the two plugs goes ? Like in whick slot 1,2,3,4 and 5. If you did the install ation you know what Im talking about?
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