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Help please! Exhaust question

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I have a 98 GS-R with I/H/E. I increased the piping to 2.25" (cat-back)on the exhuast. I have heard differant things on loosing too much backpressure and getting slower. I did notice a decrease in proformace taking off, but I feel at higher RPM's it is faster. What do you think?
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Thanks for the help...that was a good article!
That is a good article. It supports what I have been arguing with people about all along. Backpressure isn't what you desire. What you desire is high velocity exhaust leaving your engine. With too big of a pipe the exhaust fumes become stagnet in the air, meaning that they run into each other and just don't move out of the piping. The smaller piping will create a vortex effect and pull the exhaust right out of the pipe. To small though and it is like pushing a basket ball through a coke bottle.
What a great article! That oughta be required reading to join Superhonda in the first place, say word.
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