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I'm new to this board and have a limited knowledge of honda models. Im from ireland and im looking for a 1.6 dohc vtec civic approx 96 (considering the crazy money the newer ones sell for here).

From the cars i have viewed so far, some sellers tell me the car is an SiR, even though it has a Vti badge - and vice versa.

Am i right in assuming that they are the same car and that the SiR was originally manufactured for the Japanese market and the Vti was the European model? Therefore any SiR's in my country are direct imports?

It gets a little complicated in that because the SiR is an import, insurance companies that i have been speaking to dont have the SiR on their list of models for the 1.6. Would i be lying on a proposal form in declaring the car to be a Vti even though the badge may say SiR??

same cc after all and insurance co;s are aware the Vti has a dohc vtec arent they???

any advice much appreciated

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