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OK this is what he has:
MSD Digital 6 ignition
MSD Blaster SS coil
MSD 8mm wires

This is in a 97 Honda Accord LX (his model has the external coil in it!)

When the ignition is hooked up, bypassing the extenal honda coil, it's just the Digital 6 & the SS coil he can drive the car for about 30 miles then the check engine light comes. He resets the Digital 6 and the car runs fine, again, for about 30 miles then the check engine light comes on. Keeps repeating itself.

He then tried adding the MSD 8910 Tach adapter just like the tech guys at MSD said he should. The car starts up and runs fine till he takes it out of gear and the car kills on him instantly. The car won't start again till he re-hooks up his factory coil.

He called MSD back today and they are more puzzeled than us, talk about your tech support. Anyway can anyone help me out here. Does he have the wrong stuff, or has anyone run into this same problem?

Thanks for all the help in advance!
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