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HELP Quick!!

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hey i am doing my swap now i have a 92 cx and putting in a gsr i got the wiring diagrams from hybrid honda but my queston is how do you pin in the extra wires into the harness that goes the ecu?
please help me
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You'll need another harness to get the extra pins you'll need (junkyard).

To extract the pins from the female side of the plug, use the smallest pick tool (straight, non-hooked) you can find. Insert down the front side of the female plug. Gently wiggle the tool back and forth ... the wire should gently pull from the rear of the plug. Then, take this wire which has the connector on it already and place it into the back of the new plug -- it should slide to the front and lock in place.

If any of this is confusing (and how could it not be?) I'll try to explain it again.

Good luck and be gentle.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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