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Hunsvotti said:
I've heard of this problem on the NSX superchargers by Comptech, don't know if they're Vortech or not. The superchargers they're developing for the V6 Accord, 3.2 CL, and 3.2 TL are not made by the same company, so I don't know if we'll see any of that.

In the case of the NSX SCs, you'll sometimes hear a sound like "a sack of marbles" when the car is at idle. This is due to the twin screws meshing loudly. Then, when they'd put it in gear and start moving, the sound would go away. I'm pretty sure Vortech uses a twin-screw setup, so that could be what you are hearing.

One of the NSXers suggested increasing the idle to 900 or so; he said that solved it for him. Of course, if you have an automatic transmission, that might force you to step more firmly on the brakes to keep the car from rolling.

You might want to ask whatever company makes your SC if they know about this.

If it's not that, a squeaking noise could indicate a loose drive belt. If that's the case you should get it looked at pronto, 'cause if that slips off, you're going to lose all your engine accessories (like your water pump and alternator).

Vortech is a centrifugal compressor. The Comptech NSX kit is a Lysolm. The one for the CL, TL, and Accord are Eaton/Magnuson blowers.
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