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I am doing some research for a friend. He has a 90 Accord that seems to be running fine once started but is having a hard time starting up in the first place. Mostly from a cold start but is taking a little longer to start once warmed up. I checked the ecu and its throwing 6 codes...

#1. Oxyegen Sensor "A" (primary)
#2. Oxyegen Sensor "B"
#3. Map Sensor (Manifold Absolute Pressure)
#7. TP Sensor (Throttle Position)
#8. TDC Sensor (Top Dead Center)
#14. IAC Valve (Idle Air Control)

Do these have any correlation between any of the other codes? Someone mentioned to me that the codes 1 & 2 could be because of a clogged cat, and 8 could be bad timming. Could some Accord owner with experience with this kind of stuff help me out.
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