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Help, windshield wipers wont turn off...

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Hi all. This morning I was driving to school and it was pouring. So when I get to school the wipers wont turn off. I turn the knob back and forth and they just stay on. The wierd thing is when they should be off(the knob is in the off position) they stay in the steady slow mode. When I turn it to intermittent I can hear something but they stay on slow mode, same thing when I click it to slow mode. When I click it to fast steady they start to go fast. What the hell? I dont think the switch is busted cause it changes the speed, but I dont really know. I just pulled the fuse after is stopped raining and dont know what to do now. Anything to try would be appreciated. If I need to clarify any of this let me know.
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you may want to check the connections to the switch, if the plug slipped out for some reason it may cause problems.
My gut feel is the switch went bad on you. What usually happens is it stops working all together, but it is possable that something broke inside your switch and is causing the low wiper speed to be selected all the time. Like you described.
If you have the Helm manual for your car, it tells you step by step how to check the switch.
It could be the switch, but if it's not then the problem will be with the wiper motor itself. The plastic cap on the wiper motor where the connector goes in has circuitry in it controlled by the switch, the contacts inside this cap are what make the wipers go on and off. If they are burnt or fused or whatever the case is, it can cause that kind of a malfunction.
HAHAHHAHh maybe its a sign dat its goin to rain again?.. check ur connections like the guy said.. das bout da only thing i can tink ob
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