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I just converted a 91 Prelude race car to OBD1. I bought the adapter and an OBD1 ECM (P72) and I cannot get any power from the ECM to any of the three position sensors.
I have power in on B1, A25 and grounds on A26, A23, A24, B2. I have no voltage leaving the ECM to any of the sensors (pins B11, B12, B13, B14, B15 & B16) The wiring is not shorted or grounded. I can ohm the sensors from the B plug, all about 950 Ohms. Seems to be ok. I have power to the Coil, power to the injectors, Power to the igniter, but nothing pulses to fire the ignition module to create spark.
This is a race car, no Main Relay, no shifter switches, airbags, CEL, or anything un-necessary you might find on a street car. lol.
Any ideas please???

Thanks in advance for any help.

EDIT: stock 1991 Prelude B20A engine. 5-speed trans, I believe distributor is OBD1 compliant, injectors have stock resistor box,
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