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Help with CD player PLeeeeeease.

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OK, I am a little ticked. I purchased an accord EX yesterday. I was happy until I went to put a cd in and realized thier was one in it. I ejected it and the ejection mechanism? kept going like it was going to try to eject it again. It was like it thought that it had not been removed. any help would be appreciated.

One other question, mine is supposed to be an Ex, however it does not have an EX badge, it just has the V6 badge on the back, why do some have EX on them and other don't? different years?


one last thing, did i get a good deal.
1998 EX V6 Vtec auto. leather, wood grain trim, climate control etc... 71,000 miles $11,500
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My '94 CD player had those same symptoms. :( Unfortunately, the CD player died completely (loading/ejection mechanism was busted completely) about 2 months later. Honda wanted $200 to fix it. :mad:

I'd say it's time to start shopping around for an aftermarket headunit you might be interested in. :D I got a sweet Pioneer 45x4 HU, it sounds great and takes up only half the space of the Honda OEM one.
you can go to or to get some idea of the deal you got.

as for the badging, v6 ex models have the v6 emblem instead of the ex (also applies to v6 lx) because i4 ex models get the ex badge. just make sure you got leather, auto climate, 15"/16" star alloys, etc.
ya, i believe only the old av6's had badges? im guessin cuz my 01 doesnt
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