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ok so i dont post here any more, but i may make a thread with my build in it. as some of you may be aware, im building a turbo setup, well HAVE built a turbo setup on my 02 accord, and im down to the last few things trying to get it done. one of the first things i had to do was decide how i ws going to tune it. i decided on converting to obd1 and converting to an obd1 iacv for idle tuning.

now i have the adapter plate that relocated the IACV correctly, and i thought i had it perfectly lined up, but to my surprise, when i tried screwing the bottom bolt in first, i found it wouldnt sit flush because, well, i have no idea, because i cant see the back of my intake manifold.

now im faced with a few options... ive heard of people using the obd2 IACV but basically eliminating the resistance wire and using it the same way the obd1 2 wire iacv worked, i can use the same epoxy ive used on a lot of other things plus the top bolt to hold it down (its apparantly good to 4500psi and ive currently got it holding my clutch line in place and its been working awesome, or, i can take the engine out, see what is fuckign the intall up and work from there....

id prefer option 1 or 2, but since my forums pretty dead, i figured someone here can help.


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