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help with jdm b16a swap

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I am having problems with jdm 1st gen b16a swap in my del sol si.
If anybody has done this before please tell me what problems u have ran into.

Problem 1- Does anybody know how to wire up the jdm v16a distributor to my car?

Problem 2- I bought a integra ls shift linkage and it dont reach my car. Did you guys have his problem?

Please let me know if anybody have any info for me so I can get my poor delsol up and running.
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You have to use a del sol VTEC shift linkage. don't know about wiring. should have gone with second gen. B16All
help with b16a

i finally got my car started, but integra shift linkage dont work. If anybody did a b16a swap, let me know what shift linkage u use or what did u do.

I tried using my delsol sohc shift linkage with the ends of the integra shift linkage but it kept banging against each other and not working properly. The integra shift linkage is too short and not shaped correctly so it bangs on the bottom my car and gets stuck.
Try this site out, they have pretty much everything you need to know about swaps.

Hope this helps
yeah, you have to use del sol vtec shift bolts right up and works fine....I just finished that same swap..the deal with the distributor is you need a new one....but if you got your car started..thats cool..but you need a del sol vtec..94-95...with gray may have noticed the wiring harnesses on your b16a are tan...the obd1 in your sol is the difference.
thanks for info

thanks for the info you guys. It has been really useful. Now the question is where can i get a good price on the dohc del sol shift linkage? at the neighborhood honda its $168 and i found a place online selling it for $132. Any other suggestions?
I think that is probably going to about the cheapest you'll find..unless someone is just selling it like on ebay or something. For instance, Place Racing does a core exhange for like $150.00 or something like that.
does u guys know if the us shift linkage works on my swap cause someone told me that I have to get the jdm delsol dohc shift linkage and i think thats goin to kinda hard to get. so i am thinking adjustable shift linkage
No, whoever told you that is just a little can us the U.S. shift works just fine...Its the same exact thing.
thanks for your help. So you did the same swap in your car?
Yeah, I sure did...bacially the same reason you money. Because I did the swap and my paint job at the same time, so I could get the engine bay I had to save money every where I could...What it boils down to is, it is still a b16a.
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