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ok...this is what i have....


this is what i want...

I need some help determining the best kind for each and wut u guys think they would cost. I dont care how mch i spend them. I want to get the best!!!
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What do you man by "best" though? What one person considers as the perfect part doesn't necessarily mean that others agree. Well, if it was up to me...

-headers - ?
-spoiler - OEM
-CAI - ?
-springs - TEIN coilovers, or Eibach Sportlines
-exhaust - something Greddy (I like Greddy's overall sound the best)

:) :cool:
you want to learn what the best is? well, first do some research. Try this to start -->
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intake- AEM or iceman if you want to spend the money on a brand name intake, otherwise, i think that a generic one w/ a good filter will work just as good

headers- depends on what year your car is but if you have a 4 cyl then dc is always a good company to go w/.

springs-eibach, neuspeed, h&r are all good companies. if you want coilovers, then get ground control for sleeves or tien or apexi for true coilovers


exhaust-it depends on how loud you like it. go w/ comptech if you want axle-backs w/ good performance w/ not a loud sound.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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