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So I have an Automatic :( 92 integra and sometimes when I first start the car it will stall almost right after and the (s3) gear selector light on the gauge cluster flashes. Then it will usually start up after I turn it back off.

This has happened a couple times but usually not often at all. Actually when I was doing my emissions 3 days ago it did the same thing when it was on the dyno thing while the guy was trying to start it. I don't think its the battery or anything but that s3 gear light flashing makes me think it wasn't fully engaged in park or something for some odd reason.

Any ideas or help would be awesome.

Thanks in advance. :D

Also I had a major tune-up about 8,000 miles ago so spark plugs and distributor should all be good.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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