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hep me out plz...

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i just aquired a 1990 honda accord. Im not shure what to do with it. i want to make it look nice and make some improvments. If you can help me out plz write back if you know alot about honda accords and have some sugestions on what i should do with it.
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Well it all depends on how much money you have. You might want to consider dropping in a new engine with a lot less miles. The H22a is about 2500 and thats w/ tranny. It seems like a lot but im sure youd love the 190hp and 150 lb ft torque. Either way if you keep your engine ro get a new one heres a small list of things you can do to it.

Air intake
Exhaust Header
Cat Back Exhaust
Power Pullies
Cam Gear
Fuel Pressure regulator
Fuel Injectors
Fuel Pump
Throttle Body

Strut Bars

Recovered Seats
Recolored interior
Body Kit

Well theres some stuff you can get.
If I were in your shoes this is what I would do

Air intake-AEM
Rims-Rota Subzero
springs-Eibach shocks/struts Koni
header-Dc Sports
Catback exhaust-Greddy Evo
Seat covers-Coverking
Floormats-Weaopn R
Front and Rear Strut Bars-ebay no name brand
System- Componenants in the front normal in the back 4" midbass under the front seats all hooked to one amp
Paint a few things inside the car
New Paint Job
Hope I helped some
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