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O2SvTcObRa: hi...
Du Lucky: hi
O2SvTcObRa: i hear you have a fast ricer?
O2SvTcObRa: how about we run em sometime?
Du Lucky: who is this?
O2SvTcObRa: are you up to it?
Du Lucky: unless i know who u are
O2SvTcObRa: someone who wants to beat your rice mobile
Du Lucky: really?
O2SvTcObRa: why wont you race someone you dont know
Du Lucky: i dunno
Du Lucky: i juss wanted to know who u are first
O2SvTcObRa: so, how about it?
O2SvTcObRa: you dont sound very confident about your ricer
Du Lucky: which ricer u talkin bout?
Du Lucky: i have two
O2SvTcObRa: what are they
Du Lucky: and sorri, i dont rice my cars
Du Lucky: a civic and a prelude
Du Lucky: i thought u knew what i had?
O2SvTcObRa: <pieces of junk>
O2SvTcObRa: no doubtr
Du Lucky: and what do u have?
O2SvTcObRa: doubt*
O2SvTcObRa: oh geeze...
O2SvTcObRa: they just told me that you had a fast ricer
Du Lucky: when?
O2SvTcObRa: they didnt tell me what it was
O2SvTcObRa: <~~~~~
Du Lucky: and who's "they"?
O2SvTcObRa: 2002 ford SVT mustang cobra
Du Lucky: wtf?
O2SvTcObRa: supercharged!
O2SvTcObRa: doesnt matter who "THEY" you wanna race or not?
O2SvTcObRa: how about we put some money on it?
Du Lucky: ummm, no
O2SvTcObRa: or slips?
O2SvTcObRa: oh, wait, i dont want a ricer, itll just be in my way
Du Lucky: umm, i dont do the fast and furious shiet
Du Lucky: hhahaha, ur pretty damn funny did i ever tell u that?
O2SvTcObRa: oh, ok
O2SvTcObRa: you must not have any confidence in your foreign piece of junk
Du Lucky: yea, even though i dont know who the f*ck u are
Du Lucky: and how u think that i have a freakin ricer
O2SvTcObRa: you just told me genius
Du Lucky: Du Lucky: and sorri, i dont rice my cars
Du Lucky: a civic and a prelude
Du Lucky: whatever dude
Du Lucky: for all i know,ur car is a ricer too
Du Lucky: it could have altezza's for all i know
O2SvTcObRa: HA, doubt it
O2SvTcObRa: how is it
Du Lucky: how is what?
O2SvTcObRa: my cobra a ricer
Du Lucky: probably is
Du Lucky: needs 4 more cylinders to beat my car
Du Lucky: and u want to race me
O2SvTcObRa: so, i have 4 more cylinders, that makes my car a ricer?
Du Lucky: no, its da fact u want to race my rice burner even though u know u'd smoke my a** and wanted to run for slips and shiet
O2SvTcObRa: well, yea, thats the whole point, to beat your ricer badly enough to make you change over to domestics
Du Lucky: whatever dude
O2SvTcObRa: ha ha, you know its true, when us domestics beat you ricers, it makes you look so bad
Du Lucky: whatever
Du Lucky: i'd race u
Du Lucky: on a road course
Du Lucky: then watch u get ur a$$ smoked by my car
O2SvTcObRa: shit, that aint no race
Du Lucky: oh i know
Du Lucky: would u even be up for it?
O2SvTcObRa: i dont care about no stupid ass road course, there aint no point to em
O2SvTcObRa: yea i would, i dont back down from no ricer
Du Lucky: then whats da damn point bout mi racin u in a straight line then?
Du Lucky: my car isnt a freakin drag car like ur's
O2SvTcObRa: because, then you see where the real power is
Du Lucky: yea power, but then again i want to see if ur car can handle like mines too
Du Lucky: and who in da fuck is this
O2SvTcObRa: domestics arent made for that kind of shit
Du Lucky: and imports aren't made for straight lines
Du Lucky: wait, then what in da fuck do u classify a z06 then?
O2SvTcObRa: for crying out loud, do you want to race or not, just tell me if you dont, i wont be mad if you admit your car cant handle mine
Du Lucky: fuck no
Du Lucky: and how did u know i had an import n e ways?
O2SvTcObRa: some guy told me
Du Lucky: im sure
Du Lucky: who?
O2SvTcObRa: thats all i needed to hear, ricers cant handle domestics
Du Lucky: um, ricers ( ur def.) can handle a domestic in a straight line
O2SvTcObRa: then race me in a line then, geeze
Du Lucky: but domestics can handle ricers (ur def.) on twisty roads
Du Lucky: fuck know
Du Lucky: no
O2SvTcObRa: why not
Du Lucky: cuz, i know for sure ill lose
Du Lucky: and im not dat damn stupid
Du Lucky: and do u even know who i am?
O2SvTcObRa: your name is duping or something like that, right?
Du Lucky: yea
Du Lucky: and who is this?
O2SvTcObRa: someone who wants to race you
Du Lucky: who ?
O2SvTcObRa: but you dont want too :'(
Du Lucky: are u from norwalk or something?
O2SvTcObRa: no, dsm
O2SvTcObRa: why
Du Lucky: cuz i want know who da fuck this is
O2SvTcObRa: no need to get hostile
Du Lucky: whatever
O2SvTcObRa: you dont want to be beat, well its good that you can admit to it
Du Lucky: is this a fuckin gurl dat im talkin to?
O2SvTcObRa: no
O2SvTcObRa: why do you ask
Du Lucky: y are u soo damn scared to tell mi who this is then?
O2SvTcObRa: for crying out loud, my name is dave, you dont know me
Du Lucky: ok, dats all i wanted to know
O2SvTcObRa: shit, why did you think i was a gilr
Du Lucky: look at da way ur damn sn is written up
O2SvTcObRa: ok, how does that make me a girl
Du Lucky: gurls type shiet like dat
O2SvTcObRa: ok.......
Du Lucky: and who told u bout mi>
O2SvTcObRa: did you think i was a girl you knew or what
Du Lucky: no
Du Lucky: for some reason i thought u were a gurl
O2SvTcObRa: some guy with an import, said you were working on one and he said it was fast
Du Lucky: uh huh
Du Lucky: and only a few know my sn too
O2SvTcObRa: well....he gave it to me
Du Lucky: dustin?
O2SvTcObRa: who
Du Lucky: who the fuck told u?
O2SvTcObRa: i dont know his name
Du Lucky: basically only 3 maybe 4 people wit imports know my sn
O2SvTcObRa: well, whatever, i wanted to see if you wanted to race, you dont, i understand if you dont want to be beat, BADLY, so, later, if you ever get the balls to race me, let me know
Du Lucky: im sure
Du Lucky: i think ur just fuckin wit mi
O2SvTcObRa: ok, whatever
Du Lucky: whatever dude
O2SvTcObRa: damn ricers, and their attitudes
O2SvTcObRa: you all are the same
Du Lucky: just like ur's
O2SvTcObRa: dont want to take on a challenge of domestics
Du Lucky: u got all defensive everytime i asked u what ur name was
Du Lucky: oh i challenge domestics
Du Lucky: dont get mi wrong there
O2SvTcObRa: it didnt matter what my name was, i jsut wanted to know if you wanted to race
Du Lucky: uh huh, sure
Du Lucky: sorry, i dont race da fast one n e more
Du Lucky: i thought u wouldve known that
O2SvTcObRa: oh, too scared it might be beat, i understand, talk to you later ricer
O2SvTcObRa: bye
Du Lucky: bye mr cocky

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First off, this guy is straight out a pussy. No argument about it. "Ohh, my domestic can beat your import. I'm such a big man. Your a wuss for not wanting to race me in a straight line but I'll never race you on the track because I'll lose for sure. But it doesn't matter because I can beat you in a straight line."

Give me a freaken break. I admit, my accord can go suck an egg when it comes to drag races. That's not what it was built for, dammit! It's a freaken family sedan. But whatever, I get beef from domestic owners around here (even imports) but I give no mind to it because in five minutes of getting hit up, I'll probably never see them again. Sure you may be the "bigger man" when you beat car beats me. But after you get out of your car, who's the "bigger man" when I hold a 9 to your face?

Anyhow, i'm rambling on now so i'll stop. It's probably some kid on the net talkin shit cuz he knows you can't really do anything if you don't know who it is.

And this is in the wrong forum by the way.

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yay for gay.....

just for this ill race a SC stang at the races next week and post the results..(well assuming i get the damn car i want)...
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