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I have a 1997 Honda Civic DX. For the past 2 years, the car has been hesitating upon acceleration but not all the time. If i feel it hesitate, i take my foot off the gas & it goes back to normal but then it will hesitate again - sometimes several SEVERAL times in a row. It doesnt matter if the engine is warm or cold. I have brought it to the Honda dealership & a private mechanic & nobody can find anything wrong. No codes come up when the diagnostics are run & no lights are on on my dashboard.

The car now has 202,000 miles on it. When I brought the car to Honda on 5/5/08 to have them look at it for the hesitation problem, this is what they did to it: ran a diagnostic (which showed nothing), new ignition kit, new spark plugs, replaced the valve cover gasket & adjusted the engine valves. Replaced the dist O-ring & oil pan gasket, & replaced both rear trailing arm bushings.

Any ideas that anyone might have would be really helpful. Other than this, the car runs great. Thanks.
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