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Hexautoparts starter install

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Just installed today. I heard real good reviews on hexautoparts starters, and for the price.....decided to give them a shot.
Initial results are nice. I had an old starter on my 2001 accord 3.0L.It worked well enough, but sufferend in the heat.
The starter I put on is this on.Starter For Honda Accord 3.0L 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 17728 - HexAutoParts
Granted I have only had this thing on for a day so I cant comment on long term reliability, but I can tell you it cranks my big block over like a mofo.No more "chug chug chug" as you hear the starter cranking the engine over and over. It sounds like a loud electric fuel pump firing up. Just a constant hum that spins the motor over like crazy.
Best part? only 45 bucks!
Customer service was real nice also, so for any of you guys needing a good starter on a budget...I figured Id throw this brand out there for you.
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