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hey if you live in sacramento

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hey if you live in sacramento and want a engine swap i know this place called midnight imports very cheap and they are hella fast
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my friend needs to swap a b16 in his 86 SI..any ideas how much fo engine and install?
yo i got what you need

Hey I Got What You Need The B16 engine will cost you about 3,000 total with axels harness wirering ,and everything you need for the swap ,engine alone i know where you can get it from L.A. for about 4 bills (hundred) and it only has about 40k after the engine is bought i know a import shop that will drop it in for about 1 grand . And if thats to much for you than i can go and get you the entire car with papers engine and all for about 1 grand and i'll have my friend drop it in for about 6 to 8 hundred depending on if you want it to pass smog no smog 6 hun with smog 8 hundred its up to you hit me up if you want it

i raced midnight club,s built b16 red hatch and i beat it. there not that fast. but i will drive to tracy for another run. just post if your boys are down to run me and my crew.
midnite is fast......yu race their black hatch (88-91) wit JDM prelude motor it in? or how bout their JDM del sol turbo? or how bout their 9 second drag car?...they are fast man....i kno....they used tooh do all the work for mah old crew.......and non of our cars ran higher then 13's
wrong midnight

The Midnight im talking about is a shop only they only put engines and work on cars that about it you know what i mean they dont race poeple
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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