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hey JTEVO2Accord where did u get those bulbs?

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where did u get those 9006 bulbs from?
PIAA is too expensive for me.
Or any other HID-look bulbs that emits bluish light like BMWs.
I prefer bluish than white.
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u can get htem fron call them they have alot i think they will give u a GOOD DEAL
just PM him
Or just dont get those cheap bulbs that run at higher wattages and cause them to blow.

Get Sylvia Superstars cause everybody knows there is nothing that looks close to any HID system:)
check on ebay if you're looking for cheap prices....almost the same quality....
I'm currently using H3's i'm thinking going back to my custom white OEM Style head light... i'll probably put my projectors aside for awhile until i have enough money to get H3 HID system
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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