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Hey what made you guys Buy an Si/SiR

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What made all you guys buy an Si/SiR??
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IMO, the 92-95 Civic hatchbacks are the best looking Civic model ever as well as one of the best looking hatchbacks ever, along with the Corrado.

It was the first car I ever liked.

Back when I was 12, when I thought driving was lame and a chore, because I didn't know any better, I was building an electric car in my junior high school class.

There was a guy who did conversions for a living, and he was helping us build it.

One day, he drove up in his personal car.

A red 92 hatchback, with the rear seats ripped out and replaced with batteries.

It was the coolest thing I'd ever seen, and I've loved them ever since.

I finally got my dream car.
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not to make it long but is the truth....I had an '87 Si hatchback, it had 220,000 miles and ran like a charm....after this snot nose kid ran a stop sign I lost my most reliable why not buy another in Nov.99 I bought my 2000 Si only because of the reliability ........not knowing there was a following like here or those other clubs idea....isn't that a kicker?
So how about them apples....funny but true...... :rolleyes: :D

My fiancee wanted me to buy an Acura Integra....but since it was my final decision ...well the rest is obvious.............:sleep:
I had a 98 MR Dx coupe..... and ever since i see and EBP SI!!! ohh man i almustCUm so i Buy one and sell that piece of shitt!1 hahah!;)
After I graduated, a few months later I drove to the dealership and saw my car right there in the front of the main building and I knew right then that was my car. The EBP Si of course I didnt know it at the time that their was such a huge following like mention b4. When I got my car it only had 3 miles and thats b4 my test drive so I knew the car was all mine from the begining.
I got my first REAL car a little over one year ago! The reason i say real is cause my first was a 87'chrystler station wagon....Anyway, my car was given to me by my grandparents (they are cool) and its a 91' civic hatchback si. Personally i thought it was a crapper when i first saw it, but i made it awsome ever since i found out by driving experience that they can be fast! So i put the following mods in, and its all good! :D :D 0-60:7.5 :D :D
wanted a 2000 HB new and couldn't find one. I got the last FBP Si in the state of TX instead
Before my SI, I had a 97 EX Coupe MR. I notice a booklet at the dealership telling about the SI and what it had. I thought, man I would like to have one. ABout a year and a half later, I got one. I wanted blue but a guy at work had one and I came upon a red one at a very good deal in the local newspaper. For the price I paid for the 97 EX, is the same as I paid for the 2000 SI. Go figure. Enjoying it every since. But I wish though I had another form of transportation so I could keep it in the garage.
I've got 2 stories for you...

The Si had been out for about six months, I was just getting into the import scene. I had just picked up a 91 Teg and my gf was looking to unload her 89 Blazer. She had driven through the local Honda dealer lot a few times and spoted the EBP Si. She fell in love with the color. After looking and dreaming for a few weeks we finally took it for a test drive. The first time the car hit the big cam it was all over. We drove home in her new car that day.

My car I had been wanting for about a year. I had swapped in a B16A and done all the bolt on stuff but I was getting tired it. Plus it needed some body work to make it look good again. I had seen a few FBP Si's around and I told the dealer we bought the first Si from to let me know if a black one comes in. I never heard from him. We went to work one day and some idiot had sent a package to the bank we work at and said it had anthrax in it. Of course the building was evacuated. After standing around for a few hours we decided to leave. We picked up out daughter and went for a drive. Just driving through the Honda lot, there it sat. A quick test drive and I had a new car.

Yes thats right we have two 2000 Si's.
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My 97 Civic DX was stolen, and stripped. So I went out looking at cars, and I know the manager of south tacoma honda so I hit there first. They did not have much but they said they could order me a 2000 SI, but I did not want to wait for a car. Next few days I get a call that they have a 99 civic si that just came in. The next day I went down there and fell in love with her. I had 4000 to put down, but I did not want to pay the 20,000 they wanted for the car. So I told them that I would only pay 17,400 which was a little lower than blue book at the time, and since I had already bought one car from them they made the deal. After they made out the paper work, and got it cleaned and ready for me I put down the 4000 to cut a little off my payments.
All it took was the test drive to make me want to buy the Si.
Cause my 1993 Civic Ex wasn't competitive enough for autocrossing. Need something quicker and faster out of the box :)
DOHC :eek:
Well my story was that I have had bad luck with used cars in the past. I had a 93 Civic Lx that died in the highway in the middle of rush hour. The next day I traded it in for a 1999 Civic EX coupe automatic (first and last auto! :D). I wanted to try something different, anyways a couple months down the road I went in for service on my EX. That was the first time I saw and heard of a new Si. I froze in my tracks and was hypnotized by the Electron Blue color. Then I saw the engine DOHC VTEC. I was sooooooo pissed that I didn't hear about this car hitting the streets. I would have gotten it in the first place! From that day I said to myself... "this car will be mine some day." I started seeing them on the streets. Everytime I saw one pass by, I was like damn. Then I discovered SHO.... Oh did that make me want an Si even more. :D After a year of the Auto Ex I was fed up with it. Why did I get an Auto?! One day I was going to school and there it was. I saw my car sitting in the parking lot of my local Honda dealer. Without hesitation, I pulled in and asked for a test drive. As soon as I left the parking spot, I was already sold. I came back and said I want this car.... and the rest is history. :D
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what elese ...

abot the test drive Kloth said ...

I saw my car for first time 6 monts after I had paid it :)
No test Drive ... only Tech Specs and Pics
Well my parents are super rich. I already have an M3 & Audi S4. Daddy and mommy won't let me have a Ferrari until I'm married. So I have to deal with these cars till then. I wanted a cheap crappy car I could take to the demolition derby and have some fun, so I bought the Si. Yeah right!!!:D

My 90' Accord broke, it cost too much to fix, so I bought an Si. Best car I have ever owned.
wellf or me it all started when my sister bought a 98 Si (EX to you americans). The car was cool and pretty fast i guess. And when it came time to buy a good car when I was out of school and stuff, I was looking at 93 Si's and stuff. But when I wen to the dealership, there sat a 2000 Si and SiR. No tknowing much about civic's at the time. I drove the lower end model first. It was cool and all that. When I got back I was like how much more for the SiR?? Not much more really for what you get!! DOHC VTEC, Rims, better clutch and gearbox. Then I took it for the test and it only had like 8 km on it. That was enough for me. I signed the paper's and drove her home. Then after like a week I was looking into performance parts and they are endless. Ever since Sept 22 2000...I've been in love!!!!!:D
there just a really great built car and they look good to
bore my 2000 si i had a 98 ex and before that i had a 96 ex and before that i had a 95 ex......HONDA FOR LIFE...if i could afford it my next car will be a 2003 acura 3.2tl type s..thats my dream car..i almost got a v6 2 door accord..but i love my civic...
B series engine, reliable, easy to mod, and gotta love anything in EBP.
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