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HF computer swap

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i just bought my 90 crx with a D16z swap but im not hearing my vtec come on. Some guy told me i may need to change my computer (maybe the geniuses that swapped it didnt swap the computer). Well i managed to score a 99 civic si computer for FREE, but my question is... will a computer from a DOHC work for a SOHC?
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yes but the car will run shitty and your car is not OBD-2
That ECU won't work it's OBD 2 and the motor is OBD 1. I mean you could make it work but it is not worth it. Sell that free one and get the proper ECU (P28). You want it to run the proper fuel and timing curves so it can give you max output.
does anybody wanna trade me ECU's for a P28? OBD2 for a P28?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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