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HID Kit!

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Me and my dad both talk about geting a HID kit for our cars!
He has a 98 Accord EX 4Dr (Which was mind but i don't have $500 to pay so he took it!
And i have a 97 civic EX coupe!
I know he use a 9006
and i use H4

But for now i think we just going to put it on just one of the car which one worth on puting it on? and which kit is good for the price. We don't have more then $800 to spend! so please give me some ideal!:confused: :D :cool:
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I heard that H4s are bad. Someone I know has gone through a few sets of those already, each within 3 weeks of the previous set. He's now going back to OEM lights.
they wont look cool at all unless u have projector lenses. get those too.
The reason why me dad want HID is because!

He love the TL but we brought the Accord back in 98 and have no ideal the TL is going to be that good so. And he love how the light is white and can see at night/rain so well. He's friend has a TL S!
I want HID is because I don't care about the look i just want to see at rain and night!

Do i really need projector lenses? I don't think the TL has them tell me if i am wrong!

;) :confused: :cool: :D :) :p
This site I hear makes really good beam-pattern correct HID kits. The 9006 on the accord will produce the best results of moding. The H4 on the civic will have good results, but it will still have some excess galre due to the design. Aftermarket HID will never look like "oem" HID because of optics; the HID optics are specifically engineered to the HID tech, in other words, sticking HID in a halogen optics won't produce the same results as OEM, but it will be close, and if done right, will ususally be better than halogen. For now, I'm just running the XtraVision bulbs from Sylvania at your local Kragen (H4, also other sizes). They are about 20-30% brighter than reg halogen. Philips makes a VisionPlus halogen which is about 45-50% brighter than reg halogen, I plan to get these bulbs soon.

and here is the technical lighting forum where I learned about the technicalities of car lighting.

and here is a Lighting FAQ to answer most of your questions about HID.
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I was thinking of buying "replacement bulbs" from Eurolite (can get them for under $20,) but do these improve vision at ALL? I hear they're for looks only. I'm not interested in looks, I want better vision at night, but shelling out hundreds of dollars is still too crazy of an idea to me...
As far as bulbs go I have Sylvania Cool Blues. I would like to get those Xtravisions but I dont' know anywhere in Canada where they are sold. Don't ever buy Eurolite's becuase they are only regular bulbs painted blue. I gaurantee they will blow in like a month. I would only ever use PIAA Sylvania or Phillips and perhaps Polarg, even though I don't know much about them.
As far as HID kit's bo I know someone who has the Phillip's kit. His lights are very bright but he has no highbeam, and he has regular non projector lenses. His lights just fill the light housing, they don't really project very well.
Sylvanina Cool Bules are good from what I saw at Toronto Autoshow.
I had no cash money to buy myself a pair...they had sweet HID fog lamps there. $700 for them. They looked nice, and the beam patter was a perfectly straight line. Very nice...very pricey.

Eurolite type bulbs reduce visavlity. I have a pair of no name bulbs I got at an autoshow. They dont seem to help in rainy nights.
Poor visablity.
you dont need projector lenses but you do need a special xenon housing for HID bulbs... otherwise the light is sooo bright thats your going to blind every car comming towards you... not to mention getting tickets...
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