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High Flow Cat Convertor??

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I have received my OBX high flow cat convertor. The convertor does not have the same kind of heat shield that my stock one has. Do you guys think that the OBX convertor has a heat shield built into it? This high flow cat will not give me any kind of heating trouble, right? I think I might be okay with it, but just checking with you guys. Thanks for the replies.
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you should be fine, I havn't known any people with them to have prob.s
how often do you park in grass that will touch the underbody of your car? If you answered never than you'll be just fine.
It doesnt have a internal heatsheild - u dont need one - no worries, itz cool, exactly wut raceagainstnate said - as long as ur not rolling around under ur car - its alright.
Thanks guys for the responses.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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