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Highlights of Apple announcements Wednesday

By The Associated Press - Wed Sep 9, 2009 4:35PM EDT

Highlights of Apple announcements Wednesday:

NANO WITH VIDEO CAMERA: The Nano, the smallest iPod that has a screen, now comes with a built-in video camera, a microphone, a pedometer, a 2.2-inch display and an FM radio tuner. It costs $149 for an eight-gigabyte version or $179 for a 16 GB model.

PRICE CUTS, STORAGE EXPANSION: The 8 GB model of the iPod Touch — basically an iPhone without the phone capabilities — now costs $199, or $30 less. Apple kept prices constant for its larger models, but doubled the storage space; a 32 GB version now goes for $299 and a 64 GB model for $399.

COLORFUL SHUFFLES: The tiny $79, 4 GB Shuffle now comes in silver, black, pink, blue and green. A smaller, less expensive version was added — $59 for a 2 GB model, also in multiple colors.

BEEFIER CLASSIC: The traditional iPod model now has a 160 GB hard drive for the existing $249 price — a 40 GB boost in storage.

ITUNES UPGRADE: ITunes 9 cleans up the software design, gives people more control over what gets loaded on to iPods and iPhones and introduces a way to organize applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It also lets five computers on the same home network share — by streaming or copying — music, video and other content, a departure from the strict copy protection Apple insisted on in the past.

DIGITAL ALBUMS: ITunes will now sell some albums packaged with digital photography, cover art, liner notes and other media reminiscent of the days of vinyl. ITunes LP can include interviews and other video, all of which can be viewed through iTunes. It's a way for recording companies to boost album sales as online stores make it easier to buy songs individually.
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