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hitman 2

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i loved hitman for pc and was thrilled to find out that it's coming for all of the consoles...does anyone know any good links to check it out? thanx
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huh didnt know it was coming out for console. Thats cool though, I need to pick up part 2 for PC that game owns.

all these are good sites and this game looks very cool i have preordered it and i am picking it up the day it comes out!
the first hitman was tight... but then i played max payne and it was even TIGHTER!!! can't wait to get hitman 2...
Just picked it up yesterday! it is really REALLY hard but it is fun as hell! i love games like this and i recommend this to anyone even considering buy this game it is great, but be ready for a challenge.
looks pretty good to me dude! I'm going to get it tonight so I will tell ya what I think. Get Dead to Rights too dude...BADASS game ;)
BTW I forgot to post this...go to the bottom of the page to "customer reviews" and you can see comments. You can also see screenshots here ;)
Hitman is awesome any good places to download it from??
VtecInside said:
Hitman is awesome any good places to download it from??
why the hell don't you just buy it. it is kind of old and shouldn't be that expensive. don't be a wanker help out the company they need the money for more great games just pay the money.
AWESOME GAME!!! That's all that needs to be said :) It's a must buy IMO
is hitman 2 burnable? i think ill just split the cost with my friend.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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