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Hi there,

newbie here, so pls be gentle!

not sure if anyone can help, but I am tossing up between these two controllers:
HKS EVC EZ II - which is a new generation HKS EVC. It the base model to the EVC V. It features a computer that senses the turbo boost and adjusts gain (rate the turbo boosts up) accordingly.
Greddy Spec-S - which is a new release version of the tried and tested Greddy Type-B, but with a better stepper motor. It features a manually adjustable gain.

OK here is the dilemma: will these be able to control boost with a fairly large turbo (GT30 size) with quite high boost (25 psi+) and a small capacity engine (2.0 litres).

I previously had a bling Apexi AVR, but just was forever adjusting the gain to prevent spiking and surge.

I dont want to continously adjust the gain on the Greddy but also want to know if the HKS will work.

I know these are really new models, but perhaps someone can lead me to the right direction? I reluctant to contact the importers as they will obviously try to sell their own product and although they would work perfect on smaller sized turbo/engine combinations, its hard to make a choice in my situation.

Thanks for the replies!
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