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HKS Super Draggers n Xenon HIDs for sale.

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Thats right...parting out my exhaust and HIDs. I got to say I really don't want to let any of them go but don't have much of a choice anymore..

HKS Dual Super Draggers used for three months...scratched tips..can't really see them unless under the car. Asking 300 obo

Xenon HID...used for about a month, purple/blue color...asking make me an offer.
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where are you located ogs? i might be interested in the HID's how much you willing to let them go for?>
hey ogs im rite in ur neighborhood. i might b interested in the HID's. i sent u a PM.
I am in SoCal in Hacienda Heights...

Sup Lazyaccord..just sent you a reply via PM
Do you have a pic of the exhausts?
hey ogs, just wonderin if you sold ur HIDs yet. . .how much u lookin to let them go for?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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