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hmmm...just thinking-might be dumb, but would this steering wheel swap work?

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hey i was just doing some thinking, but is there any way to get an s2000 steering wheel to swap in to my civic -- easily and without tooo much modification? also tell me if you think its just a plain bad idea, i just thought it would be different and look good at the same time. thanks.
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I have seen it done on a few diffrent civics. It looked bad ass. If you have money to waste then go for it. It shouldnt be TO difficult to do.

yeah. thanks. idont have the money to waste on something so useless rightnow, but it is one of the coolest steering wheells i have seen, other than the civic type r wheel. i wantto keep the airbag intact, youi know? thanks again.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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