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So as I sit here at 5:00A.M sipping my Captain morgan, I think to myself how there are not enough females who come to our SoCal SHO Meets.
A few ladies that have been in attendance have been CivicBayBie, Em-gem, and Mary_jane
If you run a search in the OT forum for socal sho meet or somethin of that nature you should be able to find some pics and stuff. Pretty fun meets, lots of jokes and food and kicking back and driving. Contrary to what is posted on sho sometimes, we are not all male @$$holes and if women are in attendance it helps bring everyone together anyway.
In my sig there is a link to the meet that I am attempting to plan for this summer. Again the link is here.....

So please do come out if you are in so cal and chill with everyone; hopefully i'll get to see some new faces out there and we'll help make so cal sho the closest knit group of people here on sho.

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I just moved to SoCal;I might try one of the meets.

I'm also trying to get together a group of ladies in SoCal for a meet as well. PM me if you're interested. They're monthly-the next one is this Saturday, the 14th at 6pm.

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I need you all to check out the thread and if you wish to come, please do let me know.
If you dont want to click and view the thread. Here is our latest update

The list as of 5/17/05

If you are not on the list and/or would like to be changed from list to list, please PM me or EMAIL ME at [email protected] and let me know your sho name, real name and what you can bring to the meet.

Confirmed list as of 5/17/05

1. VtecsqznN20 -- LA County group leader
2. Ayidaphuck (Need email)
3. Miller_time
4. 92streetaccord
5. MugenXsi
6. J.O.A.T
7. AcuraGSR18 -- SD County group leader
8. TSM_Pikachu -- Organizer
9. Mrbb6
10. Jhwee
11. MKazm83
12. Boredfast
13. Flyracerx
14. Skatin_Emcee
*15. Mary_Jane
16. Taq
18. Black_lotus
19. Cryogen97 -- Riverside County group leader
20. Hondaracer20
21. KJMagnum
22. Ezeedee
23. Vietboi_2001
*24. Em-Gem

Guests of the meet that have been confirmed
1. VTECSQZNn20's wife
2. VTECSQZNN20's buddies Rich and Daniel
2. Hondaracer20's crew of 8 guests
3. Skatin_Emcee's 3 cars of peeps
4. TSM_PIkachu's crew of 3
5. Flyracerx crew of 1 or 2, was not mentioned.
6. MugenXSI's GF (Possible)
If you are bringing a guest, let me know

Unconfirmed, compiled list of expected attendees
I still need email to [email protected] from these people or a PM with your info.

1. AItronix
3. Adamh20
4. Decon (Although his brother is 92streetaccord)
5. Trucharlie1217
6. Bonestock94
7. Skylinenites
8. CRXican

Designated and chosen items for the meet, LOOK FOR YOUR SN HERE

1. 92streetaccord - Big ice chest full of sodas
2. Mkazm83 - HOMEMADE Potato salad and flat of waters.
3. J.O.A.T - Helping out with sodas and ice for ice chest
4. Boredfast - Napkins and utensils
5. VTECSqznN20 - Chips from frito lay hookup
6. VTECSqznN20's wife - HOMEMADE cookies :clap
7. Acuragsr18 - Lots of bottled waters
8. THE_Regulator - Carne asada and grille
9. MugenXSI - Tortillas for carne asada
10. Vietboi_2001 - Hotdogs and buns
11. Miller_time - Couple of dips for chips
12. MrBB6 - Mustard and ketchup
13. Taq - Onions and relish
14. Cryogen97 - HOMEMADE Family secret recipe cookies
15. JHWee - Firewood and charcoal
16. Flyracerx - Plates and cups
17. TSM_Pikachu - HOME MADE Salsa and guacamole
18. AcuraGSR18 - Bottled waters
19. TSM_Pikachu's friend - Homemade lemongrass pork

Needed list of things for the meet
1. Hamburger patties and buns? (Still up in the air)
2. Home cooked stuff!!!!! (Pick something)
3. BBQ beef skewers.........Ultra will not be in attendance
4. Lumpia and/or pancit
5. Marshmallows and graham crackers and choco bars

Guests and people not bringing food/supplies
$5-10 cover charge will be assessed to help subsidize the whole group

Meet date and time, Meet expected turnout as of 5/17/05

Meet date is set for; Saturday, June 18th of 2005
Expected turn out thus far; 43 Persons

Did not see yourself on here, wish to make a change, or need to email me?
PM me here on the site.
Email me at [email protected] with your add/change request.
IM me at tdggouki33
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