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It’s an all-electric three-wheeler. Honda’s motorcycle expertise comes into play with this concept, including mounting the batteries low in the car for better stability...From the front the slab sides and the sleek top give the 3R-C the look of a shrunken P-NUT concept we saw at the Los Angles Show. From the rear the single wheel/swingarm and high tail makes it pure motorcycle.

In fact, when this vehicle is in driving mode, its mostly motorcycle as well. The glass canopy lifts creating a windshield for the driver, and steering is preformed by something closer to a bar than a wheel. What keeps the 3R-C in a conventional car catagoty are its integrated trunk and doors that Honda included for safety. “The high sides of the safety shell seat give greater safety to the occupant, reducing the threat from side impacts and improving weather protection.”
SOURCE:Honda bringing 3R-C to Geneva - News

more pics:Photo Gallery - MotoBullet

It's a european city vehicle idea from Honda, but it it can really move it might be pretty cool.


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