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Honda 4cyl swap into an 87 S10?

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Hello all,

I made a post on the S10 forum I've been a part of for a while, and I can't seem to find anything regarding a honda swap aside from a j swap into these mini trucks.

Has anyone here done a B or K swap into a RWD setup? Into an S10 or similar?
I hear a lot that people swap the Hondas onto BMW longitudinal transmissions but I don't know which ones they are using.
The s10 has a 2.2l 4cyl and a 5 speed t5 trans, but the engine is blown and the 4cyl version of the t5 doesn't hold much power at all, so I'd probably want to swap the whole drive train.

If anyone knows what all might be necessary for this I'd like to chat about it. I'm sure I'd need fabricated motor and trans mounts, exhaust, drive shaft, and probably fuel system upgrades.

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