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My friend had 2nd gen coupe one.
Auto soft close doors, seat belts that hand them selves to you, electric little rear quarter windows. Amazing luxury machine :D
Now the bad stuff. . don't expect breath taking power there is a lot of metal/cow/plastic to move 1600kg 3600lbs if i remember the data plate.
We found out that there is next to Nill aftermarket stuff
Most if not all the parts were Honda dealer only,
And the auto box (which I reckon 90% of them were built in auto) used to make it's own mind up which gear it wanted and yes that was sometimes 1st lol.
Brakes warped a lot but it was a big luxobarge.
Boot lid, wheel arches had gone but what car of that age didnt need TLC.
Apart from that the engine was sweet and smooth (detuned twin cam NSX engine) :ninja. :lmao
And it was coupe looks with a transverse FWD V6???
We could never figure out why Honda never made that coupe RWD like all others in it class BMW csi, Merc 500's etc.
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