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A month ago I got a sudden drop in the IMA meter to the middle bar while driving on the motorway together with a decrease of the power of the car, dropping from 2000rpm to
about 1500rpm or less while driving at 100km/h. The top bar of the IMA meter wouldnt show up at all, and often the car will quickly run with half the IMA bars. This
seemed to trigger a catch22 : the assistant (ASST in the pannel) showed 1-2 bars when going under 1500rpm to try to get over it, the IMA meter will show half the
bars, and this triggered the charger (CHRG in the pannel) to try to charge the IMA battery. This keeps going for as long as driving goes. I noticed the fuel
comsumption is higher than before in similar driving conditions too. The pannle hadn't showed any lights regarding malfunctioning, nevertheless I called the
road assistance service & after reading the computer didnt see any errors logged on.
heI have followed the procedure to force-charge the IMA battery I found on youtube: 20min cool IMA battery, disconnect ground cable from 12-V battery, after +30 seconds reconnect ground cable, start car &
leave it in P(ark) holding 1,500ish rpm, got 3 bars on theIMA meter after about 2-3 minute, and then suddenly the rest of the IMA meter bars. I have
repeated this for about 13 times. Every time I reconnected the ground cable & started the car, the IMA meter had 0 bars, the first couple of times it took
about 1 minute for the 1st bar to show up the IMA meter, but after a couple of times it only took about 20 seconds to get the 1st bar. Te second bar took
about 1.5 minutes to show up. The 3rd one just a few seconds. BTW, I noticed is that although the car was started in Park for about 3 minutes, the temperature
meter would get almost near the middle after a 2-4 runs of the procedure. I stoppped the procedure at the 14 run as I didnt see what you describe: never saw
any bars in the IMA meter after reconnecting the ground cABLE, it seemed it always started from scatch even on the 12th run of the procedure.
I am not sure what this means : is my IMA battery partly damaged so some cellls wont even charge with this forced-charge procedure? should I try to run the
procedure again from scratch for up to 30 times?
I have drove the car after doing this & it seems it got more power, but the top bar of the IMA meter has disappear again , and I got the impression after a
while I'm gonna get back to square one.
I really would appreciate any inputs on this, as it is quite disruptive to drive under this conditions.
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