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Honda CR-V Intermittent Starting problem

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I am having intermittent starting problem with my Honda CR-V ( 2016 / push start ). it happens 1 out of 4 times when I try to start all meter lights/ media and headlights lights goes ON ( accessory mode ) as per normal but the car does not start. After a couple attempts it starts and runs normally. It happens only sometimes otherwise it starts in first attempt. I went to OReally Auto parts they ran test and all Battery, Starter and Attenuator tests passed. I also changed Starter relay and car remote battery ( wanted to try with cheaper troubleshooting first ) but it didnt resolve the problem yet.

I am new here, no warranty. Please advise how should I proceed, what could be the most economical way to fix this problem.

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Your 2016 Honda CR-V. Here are a few steps you can consider:
  1. Check Battery Connections: Ensure that the battery connections are clean and tight. Even a slightly loose connection can cause starting issues. If you notice any corrosion on the terminals, clean them with a battery terminal cleaner and a wire brush.
  2. Test the Battery: Although you mentioned that the battery tested fine, it's still worth considering that intermittent starting problems can sometimes be related to a weak or aging battery. If the battery is several years old, it might be worth having it load tested at an auto parts store or a mechanic to confirm its health.
  3. Inspect the Starter: The intermittent starting problem could also be due to a faulty starter. While you mentioned the starter passed the test, it's still possible for it to have intermittent issues. If the problem persists, you may want to consider having a professional mechanic inspect the starter more thoroughly.
  4. Check the Ignition Switch: The starting issue might be related to a faulty ignition switch. Over time, the contacts inside the switch can wear out, leading to intermittent starting problems. A mechanic can diagnose the ignition switch and determine if it needs to be replaced.
  5. Scan for Error Codes: If the issue persists, it would be helpful to have the vehicle scanned for any error codes that might be stored in the engine control unit (ECU). This can provide valuable insight into any specific issues that the ECU has detected.
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