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I own a 2003 Honda Element with 335,500 miles. Within the last few months, I have been having an issue with it having a misfire, otherwise stuttering, shaking, and being quite loud during idle. The engine light came on a few months ago and has since persisted, along with it flashing when slowing down, or coming to a complete stop. It has also had an issue with starting up and sometimes has a longer startup or I have to take the key out and try again.

I have taken it to our trusted mechanic, to which he replaced all coil packs because he thought it was a bad coil pack; this, however, was not the issue, as he replaced them once again after a week on its warranty. He ran code checks and saw multiple misfires from random cylinders; he would replace one coil pack, and there would be a misfire on cylinder 4 — replace another, and misfire on cylinder 1, so on and so on.

I did my own check on them using a spray that would the engine to rev on the vacuum hoses surrounding the engine, trying to see if there was a tear that cause the misfires: nothing. I keep the oil at its recommended level regularly, using the best recommended oil for me.

My mechanic concluded that there may be an issue with the timing, and insisted I contacted my local Honda dealership... although, with the current citation, this isn’t possible, as it is located in NY.

If anybody has any suggestions or has experienced this issue, I’m all ears! Also, I am not entirely educated in car mechanics, so I am in no way an expert in this area. Sorry if I misused any lingo!

Thank you!
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