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I just got my engine rebuilt, put about 300 miles on it but since my first start up car seems to heat up after anhour of drive. This 1991 Accord F22A4 turbocharged. Now one thing, I did swap a civic half size radiator replacing the full size accord radiator. Now a lot of you will say thats the problem but my question is how come people with civic do H22 swap and run fine?

So help me out here.

Its got everythinhg new but still heat up after a while.

Also it idles erratically, jumps up and down but as soon as I put it in gear it seems to die, so I have to gas it a little bit from keeping it from dieing. One thing I noticed on my bost guage that when my car idles fine the vaccum is building and showing on the guage but the rpm jumps up to 2500, but when I pull on gas pedal a little bit the rpm jumps back to 200 and guage shows no vaccum at all and reads zero. So I am guessing its a vaccum leak but where? I checked all lines and put ties on them but nothing seems to fix the problem. What are the main vaccum lines that can affect idle?

Someone please help.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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