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Honda are the biggest sponsors in Formula One, pumping over $200 million into the sport, according to a report published this month.
The figures, published by Formula 1 Magazine, rank Honda at the top of the sponsorship chart, with estimated spending of $210million on their F1 engine programmes with the Jordan and British American Racing teams.

The Honda figure is all the more remarkable, given that the Japanese company does not own a stake in either team, or provide them with financial assistance. However, they do have state-of-the-art Formula One facilities in both Britain and their home country, and also have engineers based with BAR at their Brackley factory.

Renault are the biggest team owners on the sponsor-spending list, ranking second behind Honda with a reported budget of $170million. As Europe's second largest car maker, the French firm are thought to be reluctant to have the names of too many other companies on their F1 machines.

Formula One newcomers Toyota come straight into the chart at number three, with a reported $140million in sponsorship. Rumours had suggested much higher figures for the Japanese team and it is thought they would indeed top the list if investment and marketing costs were included.

Other big names inside the report's top ten are McLaren partners DaimlerChrysler and Jaguar owners Ford, both spending an estimated $125million, with Williams engine suppliers BMW close behind on $115million. Meanwhile, the biggest sponsor for world champions Ferrari is tobacco giant Marlboro, who donate a reported $87million to the Italian team.
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