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Hondaropa 2008
4. Internal. Honda-North-Sea-meeting
15th anniversary Honda Club Ems Jade ' 93

of 01–03.08.2008
at Westerstede / Linswege

After the large Honda North Sea meetings 2003/ 2004 and „Hondaropa 2006“ we cordially invite you to the 4rd
HONDA meeting „Hondaropa 2008“. In the fair and beautiful North
German flat country at Westerstede / Linswege .

Our motto for Hondaropa 2008 will be:

„The north accelerates II “

And you can take this literally, because we offer this to you: (left up to modifications)
• Tents directly at the festival ground (12 hectare great)
• takes 2x hot water shower and toilet-car incl.
• Big Marquee
• Welcoming present
• Catering Saturday: (breakfast for Friday arriving) lunch and dinner
• Catering Sunday: Breakfast and lunch
• On Saturdays coffee/tea and cake
• Tuner show
• Sound offstage (ACR team )
• Vehicle appraisal (VW Club South Cologne)
• Orientation drive
• Convoy across the beautiful Ammerland
• Marquee parties and moderation like 2003/04 and 2006 again with Honda Partyman DJ Dan
• Big Alpha-Radio party at Friday with simulast on · 1a Entertainment im Web
• Tombola
• Cup awarding
• Fun games and something else

More information under

Hondaropa 2008
Homepage des Honda Club Ems-Jade'93

I hope we see you at Hondaropa 2008 !!!

Jens (Honda Club Ems Jade)
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