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Honda's "Type R " package

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I went to my local Honda Dealer and noticed a Civc and Accord with something called a "Type R" package, has any one seen this at their local dealers? Those cars had some shinny glittery fake Type R stickers and some 16" rims... i remember when everyone made fun of Toyota's "Looks Fast" commercials and the Action Package on the Celicas, but Honda with this Type R package is too much :confused:
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thats not a honda thing, thats your local dealership being jackass'
wow, im glad honda has no part in promoting this! i gave my friend a hard time about his Action Packed Celica, i don't think that i could live with the troument Honda going RICE!
Thank god i've never heard of it
Yeah - Down here they've got something called a "Sport" model. It has some stripes on the side, leather steering wheel and shifter, and honda upgraded wheels. Looks kinda tacky to me.
I've never seen that
i know about the "Sport package" but never heard of the type r package.
Can they do that????
I went to the Honda dealership yesterday to take my car in for service.. I wanted to get a loner car, and I said to my mom, "I'll take that one.. or that one.. either one will do" as I was pointing at a Milano Red Si, and a Silver S2K.. this salesman walks up to me and goes "HEEEEEYYY!! I see you're lookin' at the 'Fast and Furious' one over there, huh??" I was like, "I already have a Civic, I was j/k around.. " he laughed, and I walked away.. It's pretty bad.. They had an '01 LX-R there a couple weeks ago.. It had an 'R' badge on each fender, like where sidemarkers go.. and after the LX badge on the trunk, it had an R stuck on right after it.. Had the spoiler, factory fogs, and factory kit.. that one also said "FAST AND FURIOUS"
i work at a honda dealer in my city and , thats not a Honda thing ...thats the dealership trying to make some more money off the car...we have a civic ex at my work with blue and silver leather seats with honda badges on them ...and the car it marked up about 2k.....think about it is very smart they wouldnt do something like that , its just a dealer trying to make some more money..;) ;)
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