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The program has been to a base map. This hondata unit was pro. installed, and programmed. The PR3 and the hondata unit have been in a plastic bag on my shelf for a year and a half after I bought it new and then I used it. I'm putting them at new condition, as They were used for 1 day while starting the car.
Hondata discontinued the obd0 stuff, so this is a perfect time to get into hondata for your obd0 LS/Vtec, or B16 (turbo or not) at a super cheap price.

My loss your gain! (3bar map not included. Units are out of package now)
Selling the S2 with the chipped PR3 for $350 obo!

Brand new obd0 b16 distributor $90 obo

Sorry for no pictures of the distributor, my cam is at a friends house right now. Can and will get pics at your request. These units have NEVER seen the street, so when I say new, I mean new. :) Must sell, shoot me some offers.
PM me for questions!
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