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hong kong

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hi everyone well im living in hong kong now i would like to know if u guys by the way know any part where they sell parts for our american accords cause they say that they dont know bout aftermarket things for our accords they have an accord trueno here is the type r ,,, do u think it can fit our american accords?
cause i want to buy a lot of things here what do u guys say?
and what can i buy here?
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sell ur shit american accord and buy a type-r!!!!!!!!:eek: :D
are you living there for good? or just visiting??

the 4 door accord is basicaly the same as US-spec..
but they don't sell the 2 door accord in the asia (talking about 6th gen)

if you go to Mong Kok they have a bunch of car stores, you can prolly by generic stuff for you car like bulbs and stuff.. but you prolly won't be able to get anything that cool..
i'm from Hong Kong too ... it is a shame to buy US accord while all the GT-R, Sil80, Evo ... fly by next to you:(
can u get me the aztec grill?
well i live here now but i have an accord in panama (country) and im going down there so i want to buy like aftermarket part to my accord but i heard that in hong kong ppl dont sell those kinda of aftermarket stuff only bulbs and stuf for the interior i want power and stuff like that what do u say

and thanks for the replies
sure StylinAccord if i get to find any shop that sells it and if u can trust in me too i can send it all the way over there but let me tell u DHL or UPS etc.. is very expensive unless u want a lot of things and send it in the big DHL box i think its called jumbo thing i dont quite remember but saw it in a commercial long time ago

need info really about this performance and styling shops
I thought Taiwan

I thought Taiwan makes all the aftermarket stuff.
I've never had anything made in Hong kong yet.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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