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This is one of my many jobs as a business owner. I just wanted to give you guys a little bit of insight of the starting point when we get offers to start selling a product line.

Today, we have the Buddy Club N+ coilover for the 06+ FG civic. Our price files show that its for Si models only, but with some cross referencing, we believe these will fit all model Civics. First thing we noticed was that the box is freaking heavy. On our shipping scale, it weighed in at 61 lbs. The box is shipping ready, with only need to seal the box with a little extra packing tape.

Front Suspension:
The front suspension comes complete and ready to install. It is an inverted Mac Pherson strut design, so damping adjustment is at the bottom of the damper instead of a top adjuster. The mounting bracket is made of heavy gauge steel, expertly welded with brake and what looks to be ABS sensor brackets. The damper body is you classic Buddy Club N+ full threaded damper body that allows for height adjustment independent of spring preload. Spring preload out of the box is around 1/2 to 3/4 inch preload. The pre-assembled top had uses what appears to be polyurethane bushings over a solid spherical metal bushing. Same material was used for the spring isolator as well. The hat does not have camber correction allowances, however on the mounting bracket, the upper mounting hole has been notched to allow for front camber adjustment, that can be further augmented with the use of eccentric cam bolts.

Rear suspension:
On the FG chassis Civic, the rear suspension uses an inboard spring with a separate damper. This design is very similar to that of many European brands and being adopted more and more by Japanese manufactures again. Our guess for this is to keep suspension motion ratio as close to 1:1, and the ability to run a higher spring rate for better overall balance without drastically increasing NVH. The spring and adjuster uses a barrel shaped spring with a tapering top. It also appears that Buddy Club have utilized a dual rate progressive rated spring. The damper required the transfer of the factory top mount. The damper itself is the full threaded N+ damper body. Since the damper body is adjustable independent of the spring, this can allow the user to adjust rear suspension droop/hang to further fine tune how the vehicle handles at the limit. Damping adjustments are located at the top of the damper.

Other notes:
The dampers are serviceable and it appears that they can be revalved if needed.
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