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Its a fairly easy fix, the latch is pulling your hood out of alignment, remove the latch and/or striker. Then align the hood, once the hood to fender/cowl panel gap is good, then reinstall the latch and striker. Hold a trouble light and watch the striker enter the latch as you close the hood, the striker should be centered in the latch assembly as the hood closes. The striker/and/or latch should have slotted holes for ajustment, so you can play around until they mesh up properly.
Remember the hinges will ajust the hoods forward/aft as well as side to side, the rubber bumpstops on the rad support will ajust the height at the front of the hood. Do not rely on the latch assembly to pull the hood into alignment, this will cause premature failure of the latch//poor function of hood.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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